Thank you for choosing a Kerasan Sink from Designer Tapware Co.

We know you will love your Kerasan fireclay ceramic sink. By following the care guide recommendations you will get years of enjoyment and durability from your fireclay sink.

Product statement

The Kerasan Fireclay Sink range is made under strict conditions associated with handcrafted ceramic products in Civita Castellana Italy, just north of Rome...  It is made from fireclay which is a natural material.  The combination of the material & the manufacturing process means that the product is subject to irregularities with surface variations, defined, by distinguishing ripples, dimples & surface blemishes which are characteristic traits of each and every individual sink and is furthermore considered an indication of its quality adding to its natural beauty, with warmth and personality in proudly being a part of any kitchen. 

You may find that with unexposed areas of the sink, i.e. non-functional areas such as the underside of the sink which sits onto the cabinet or on the rear outward facing wall (on some models are unglazed), there may-be some fine rifts that may appear to be fractures in the material.  These as they are not faults but instead are fixed non-invasive cosmetic rifts that have absolutely no adverse effect on the performance of the sink itself.  These rifts will not increase or decrease in size over time as once the product is glazed it becomes an inert product with no movement whatsoever, unlike that of wood, Variations +/- 2% to the specifications are common and to be expected.


Kerasan fireclay Sinks are manufactured with a durable glaze for years of beautiful performance, “Pristine White”!To ensure that your sink has a long serving life, Canterbury Sink & Tap recommend cleaning using a soft sponge or cloth and a non-abrasive product such as soap with water. We also have available Astonish as a spray cleaner and also recommend using our Canterbury grids or mats protecting the base to enhance the longevity of your Kerasan Sink.

On the occasion that a metal pan or cutlery may mark the surface of the sink, which can appear as grey lines known as “silvering”, we recommend a cream cleaner and a  non-scratch cloth  to remove the mark.

Please do not use any concentrated chemicals such as bleach in sinks. If bleach is preferred ensure it is diluted, we suggest maximum three (3) parts water to one (1) part bleach, only occasionally, as constant use can affect the waste, particularly the rubber seals.  Whilst no coloured sink of any kind is impervious to damage, fireclay resists chips, scratches & stains better than other materials. In the rare instance of a chip, colour match repair kits are available.  However, a note of caution in avoiding any unwanted impact damage, please take care when using heavy items such as Cast iron pans as these could cause severe stress or even fracture the ceramic material if not handled with care.

The Kerasan Sink is a handcrafted product so the graduation of the drain is subtle. This means that the water may not drain in the same way that you are accustomed with other more contemporary models & therefore the bottom of the bowl may need to be wiped occasionally.


Kerasan offer a 15 Year Warranty on manufacturing defects, an example being lines or streaks appearing on the product (commonly known as crazing). The warranty covers replacement only of the item when it meets the criteria and is approved by the manufacturer.

The warranty does not cover any costs incurred to remove or install a replacement.
The warranty excludes wear and tear or any damage caused by impact or using a non-compliant cleaning product.

 The warranty is not transferable and applies only to the original purchasers.
Proof of purchase is required to be supplied to the retailer for any warranty claim to proceed.
The manufacturer Kerasan, cannot be held liable for any damage caused by incorrect use of the sink or if the sink is dropped before installation.

March 2021.