Congratulations on purchasing your Designer Tapware Co product.

It was made in Italy by SKILLED ARTISANS who understands the essence of engineering and craftsmanship. with proper installation and care this unique product will provide years of enjoyment and service.

To maintain its beauty and to preserve your warranty please comply with the following care and cleaning instructions.


  1. Regularly clean with warm water or a mixture of mild Ph-neutral liquid soap (e.g. dishwashing liquid) and water, rinse with clean water and dry with a clean soft cloth (e.g. Microfiber)
  2. Residue left by personal hygiene products such as liquid soap, tooth paste, shampoo and shower gel can cause damage, so always rinse these off the product with clean water immediately after use.
  3. Under no circumstance should harsh cleaning agents containing acidic, caustic abrasive, citrus, bleach or alcohol based substances be used to clean your product or be allowed to remain on the metal finishes. Avoid dripping or spraying such cleaning agents on your product by covering with a cloth or towel and if splashed with these products they should be immediately rinsed with clean water and dry.
  4. Do not use abrasive cloths, scouring pads, scrub sponges, steel wool etc as they may damage the surface product. If your water causes lime or mineral deposits to build up on the finish, please clean regularly with hot water and a soft cloth which will help prevent mineral deposits.

Product Finishes

Our handmade products use four different types of colour applications:

  • Electroplated finishes this is the hardest and most durable finish in normal daily use.
  • Living Finishes that mature over time to develop a patina and unique character like old brassware products.
  • Lacquered Finishes which have an acrylic lacquer topcoat applied to provide additional protection these finishes are soft with low corrosion resistance.
  • Polymer Coated Finishes (Powder coated) these finishes are not as resistant to scratching and chipping so care should be taken not to knock the surface with hard objects etc.

Read your warranty here:

  • Nicolazzi
  • F.lli Frattini
  • Kerasan
  • Calflex
  • Cristina